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More about our organic production.

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Notre cuvée Claire 2015 médaillé 2017 Concours Vins de Provence

Our Cuvée Claire 2015 Rewarded at the "Concours Vins de Provence 2017"

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Old vines and traditional grape varieties

Ugni Blanc of the domain

Here is a white grape variety particularly typical of the Provence region. It is also the basis for many wines in France and Italy where it originates.

Ugni Blanc Cépage de Provence
Ugni on the "Grillons" plot

Its natural acidity makes it a preferred variety for the production of light and fruity dry white wines and distilled alcohols (Cognac, Armagnac).

A little of the Ugni blanc from the "Grillons" plot is added to the composition of our Vin de Pays Rosé to which it brings a subtle fruity touch.